We can help you understand your indoor air qulaity

What is IAQ?

IAQ is an acronym for Indoor Air Quality. The EPA estimates that American’s spend 90% of their time indoors.  Many people and resources are focused on outdoor air pollution, but who is looking at indoor air? We depend on the air we breathe to be healthful air. But what if it’s not? How will you know? There are a lot of simple things you can do to contribute to healthy indoor air. The EPA has a great website devoted to IAQ. There are some startling statistics that unveil just how much of an impact the quality of our indoor air has on our lives.   https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq

If you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air, don’t guess about what to do. Look for professional help. Companies like AQTS are here because there is a growing problem in our homes, schools, and offices. As awareness of mold and indoor air quality problems grow, so does the need for professional investigation and reliable testing. At AQTS, our mission is to become a valuable asset in the community by providing accurate, cost effective investigations. 

Just looking at a typical indoor environment, poor air can result from a lack of air circulation, , poor air filtration, excessive indoor dampness, excess mold growth, VOCs  emitting from cleaning products and new furnishings, formaldehyde emissions from flooring, and excess dust.