COVID-19 Update

AQTS will continue to provide air quality testing services during the statewide COVID-19 Stay at Home Order as an essential service to help customers get their homes and businesses restored after a loss. Our employees will exercise all precautions by wearing recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Please contact AQTS if you have any concerns or questions.

Health and Safety


Health and Safety

Health and Safety are a concern for everyone. AQTS takes this topic seriously. Poor quality indoor air can affect your health. We’re not going to paint a picture of some unseen deadly gas or show photos of black mold creeping behind cabinets and walls. There is no need to scare people to prompt them to be concerned with the quality of their indoor air. The truth is that most of us already do things to maintain healthy indoor air. But are we doing enough? Some people are more likely to be negatively affected by poor indoor air quality. People most at risk are babies and young children, seniors, people who have recently had surgery, people with existing illnesses, transplant patients, smokers, and immunosuppressed individuals. 

It’s an easy step to take; ask a professional to evaluate of the quality of your indoor air. Consider this one more step toward a quality life. If you are bringing a new baby home, think about how poor air quality may affect your child’s development. If you’ve lived in your home for many years, consider an assessment to make sure your indoor air doesn’t contribute to health problems as you age. If you’re buying a home, make sure you’re not buying into a “sick building.” If you’re selling your home and you’ve had to provide a mold disclosure, provide the added reassurance of clearance testing. If you’ve made repairs to a building that included mold remediation, know that you’ve done the job right; test when the job is finished.